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  • Dr. Colvin is very good. Best knee Dr. I've seen in NYC.

    ~ Matt Tallman ~

  • Dr. Colvin is very knowledgeable and succinct in explanation of diagnosis. I visited her for second opinion as the first knee doctor I visited strongly "suggested" me to have a knee procedure. She is someone you can trust to not over treat you to make money.

    ~ Dan Xie ~

  • I was fortunate to have my patella repair surgery done by Dr. Colvin last year. She is God given surgeon with down-to-earth attitude.

    ~ Boris Vorob ~

  • Was lucky enough to be referred to dr. Colvin, she not only walked me through her findings and recommended the best procedure for me. She is friendly, knowledgable and most importantly human, she talks to you in plain form, not the mumbo jumbo a lot of doctors tell you leaving you confused. The day ...

    ~ Beards n' Butter ~

  • Met with Dr. Colvin today. I mentioned that I was there to seek a 2nd opinion on a shoulder problem I was having (osteolysis of the AC joint and slight tear in labrum). My previous doctor was really trying to push the surgery issue (which I wasn't necessarily opposed to) but did not make me feel c...

    ~ Jason Alicea ~

  • Dr. Colvin is wonderful! She took the time to listen to my concerns and went above and beyond in explaining her diagnosis to me. She truly wanted to teach me about what she saw and I appreciated that. She’s very patient and willing answer all your questions. She also made sure I had a clear unders...

    ~ Fawn Abbs ~

  • Dr. Colvin is incredibly thorough, educated, and detail-oriented. She's absolutely amazing, almost sad I don't want to get surgery and see her again. Hard to find a great doctor, and she's incredible.

    ~ Karen T. Kim ~

  • Dr. Colvin’s office was clean and warm on a cold spring rainy day. The sign in process was smooth and speedy.
    Dr. Colvin was very kind. She made me feel comfortable and helped me to understand the possible cause of my pain. Unlike other Docs I’ve seen in the past, Dr. Colvin did not dismi...

    ~ Natasha Dooley ~

  • Great experience with Dr. Colvin. She was fast and easy to understand what my issues were. Would highly recommend her to any future patient.

    ~ Alex Caballero ~

  • Had a great experience from start to finish! Her entire staff was very professional and she helped me find answers and a plan for issues I’ve been experiencing. Thank you!

    ~ Malia Bence ~

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