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Meet Dr. Colvin

Cartilage Restoration Restored Philip’s Life

ABC 7: Dr. Colvin discusses Achilles tendon injuries

Recovery after Shoulder Surgery

Recovery After Knee Surgery

Exercising After Knee Surgery

Hamstring Injuries

Need a High Yield Strength Workout?

ACL surgery: Charlotte’s Story

Avoiding Burnout with Alexis Colvin, MD

2023 US Open: Message from the Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Alexis Colvin: US Open Partnership

US Open Now Doc Talk: Dr. Alexis Colvin

Dr. Alexis Colvin Opening Remarks at the USTA Eastern Tennis Conference

Meet Dr. Alexis Colvin: Chief Medical Officer of the US Open

Dr. Alexis Colvin: Youth Tennis Success

Dr. James Gladstone and Dr. Alexis Colvin are live at the #USOpen discussing hip, knee, and shoulder injuries.

We are live with Dr. Alexis Colvin, Dr. Melissa Leber, and Dr. James Gladstone at the 2019

2023 Alumni Reunion Symposium: Dr. Alexis Colvin Welcome Remarks and Panel 1 - Healthy Aging

Common Sports Injuries

Emergency Care for Sports

Tennis As A Way To Combat Childhood Obesity

How To Avoid Injury While Shoveling

Dr. Alexis Colvin Demystifies Common Tennis Health Myths at the US Open

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