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    Comments: Met with Dr. Colvin today. I mentioned that I was there to seek a 2nd opinion on a shoulder problem I was having (osteolysis of the AC joint and slight tear in labrum). My previous doctor was really trying to push the surgery issue (which I wasn't necessarily opposed to) but did not make me feel comfortable with other options. He was also very quick with me and dismissed me (at least he was polite) Dr. Colvin interviewed me thoroughly and heard my concerns about not wanting to give up working out and training for obstacle races like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. She also surveyed my MRI and Xray images right in front of me and showed me where the damage was (something my previous doctor did not do...he just read from the radiologist's report).

    Taking into account that my second job is physically demanding one, together we devised a plan that included testing out the shoulder for a couple weeks to determine if a cortisone shot might be necessary. She'd then give the shot in the AC joint to determine and differentiate if the labrum was in fact contributing to the pain at all. Then we reintroduce weight training in late summer as I did before and see how that feels. Should things not go well, we then explore the surgery option in the Fall.

    I felt listened to. My injuries were explained to me very clearly and in an intelligent manner (not dumbed down). A tailored plan was devised for me with all of my demands accounted for. I'm 39 and a life long athlete who's not had to see very many doctors in my sports life, but Dr. Colvin's approach, knowledge and professionalism left me feeling very positive and hopeful that I can return to doing the things I love, and at the intensity I'm capable of. I completely and whole heartedly recommend her.
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